Hello There!

I am SO EXCITED to start this new adventure in blogging and using this as a place for a creative outlet!  My hopes for this is that I can share what I create and in turn, somehow inspire others to create.  I am always inspired by others and hope to do the same in return. I’ve actually blogged previously but my focus wasn’t clear and the name wasn’t my favorite… I kept holding off until I happened to keep stumbling upon posts about how blogging was easy and the ability to make money was easy as well (check out Ashleigh’s blog post here if you’re also interested!)… And lets face it, who doesn’t want to get paid for sharing their talents?!  I’ve done the MLM and even selling my own handmade items, and none of them felt like it’s what I was supposed to be doing for the long term. My time is precious, especially now that I have 3 kiddos and I homeschool!  If I’m going to be dedicating time to something, it has to fit into our family lifestyle… and I already create, so blogging and sharing is a no brainer! Stay tuned, and I know you won’t be disappointed!