My First Crocheted Shirt

Cooler mornings and shorter days have me wanting all things Fall and what says Fall MORE than a big, comfy sweater?! I can’t think of many things (Ok, so maybe I CAN think of LOTS of things that make me feel like it’s Fall, but sweaters are a BIG part of that 🙂 )

Anyways, I first saw this sweater when I happened across Meg’s blog over at and I noticed it in her bio picture and thought, “Oh my gosh, I LOVE that sweater and NEEEEED it” and then later found out that she MADE it and was working on a FREE pattern for it, EEEEKK!!!

You’ve probably noticed I’m like a HUGE fan of Meg’s stuff, but I just cannot help it and I know that you will absolutely ADORE her and all of her patterns too! (She also has some amazing inspirational posts to get your creative juices flowing).

Soooo, on with the sweater! You guys… this was SO. EASY. Like, I really can’t stress that enough! It’s seriously just hdc’s in a very easy and flattering pattern. You will love every moment of making it just as I did! DO NOT be intimidated! If I can make this, YOU can too!

The morning after I stayed up (ok, so I MAY or MAY not have stayed up until the morning hours finishing this 😛 ) I woke up chilly and was so excited to grab this sweater. It definitely did the trick to keeping me nice and warm!

If you would like to make this sweater too, head on over to Meg’s page here for the FREE pattern and tell her Jessica from Craft to Happiness sent you!

Happy making!