Free Crochet Patterns Perfect for Handmade Baby Shower Gifts – Boy Themed

Hey there! I’ve been wanting to do a roundup for quite some time! Since I was already making a few handmade items for baby showers that I’ll be going to, I figured that I may as well round up my favorites and share with you! This one is for boys! I’m a boymom so these are all things I’d make for my boys too! And some I have!

I’ll link the patterns in the title of each one 🙂

  1. These AH-dorable bath mitts!

What’s more fun and sweet than giving a baby a bath?! And these fun guys will make it even more special for parent and baby <3 My mom made my oldest son an owl one when he was little and we still have it and use it! I should really whip up a couple more for bath time play!

free pattern

2. Henry’s Baby Blanket

I am absolutely in love with this simple, yet richly textured baby blanket! It’s classic and trendy and very boyish!

Henry's Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern | Free modern baby blanket crochet pattern by Little Monkeys Crochet


3. Racecar “Playnket”

So I know I just gave you a blanket, but this one doubles as a toy! I’ve been a long-time follower of Sarah at and I just love ALL of her stuff!


4. Hoodie

This was such an amazing find!! Ashlea actually has 15 different sizes of this! The possibilities are ENDLESS! I do believe I will be making ALL 3 of my kiddos one of these…. and possibly myself!


5. Granny Square Baby Romper

I just love little rompers on little boys!


6. Baby Moccasins 

Meg at has some awesome free patterns and these baby moccasins are no exception! This picture is actually a pair that I made myself and added the little embellishments which was super simple!


7. Boxy Animals

I’ve actually made these animals myself as well! They work up quickly and are a crowd-pleaser for sure! I even stuffed mine with some rice that I sewed into a little pouch to give them more weight to sit up.

8. Plaid Trapper Hat

If you’ve yet to try the plaid crochet craze, NOW is the time! It looks a bit intimidating but you’d be surprised at how effortlessly it comes through!


9. Bernat Hurry Down Pullover

I just made one of these last week for my youngest who turned 10 months. It’s finally cooling off enough that he may be able to wear it before he outgrows it 😛 It’s been a loooong, HOT summer here in the midwest! Anyways, this pattern was simple and worked up quickly! It’s a new staple for baby shower gifts!


10. Pond Friends Stacking Toy

What’s not to love about this cute toy?! I think my favorite one is the bumble bee!

That wraps up this round up and I hope you found your next baby shower projects! Be sure to pin this for later!!

Happy Hooking!