Hoodie Hood Pattern

You will have to excuse the quality of these pictures. I moved them over from a different blog of mine and they are about 3 years old!  They will still help you create your own hoodie hood for your carrier!



*Your pattern pieces may look slightly different than the hood in these pictures. I recommend using some scrap fabric to test this pattern with first.* If you make any adjustments, I’d love to know!

Note: This pattern is for personal use! If you sell hoods made from this pattern, you MUST link this blog and disclose that it was made from a free pattern. Thank you! Hoodie hood printable pattern!!

Here is how the pattern should look.


Cut 1 liner and 1 outer piece.



*I put my pattern piece on the fold of the fabric at the back of the neck.*

You could also cut 2 pieces and sew together to make the outer and liner

Lay pieces so that the right sides are together (If necessary)

My inner was a solid, so it didn’t matter which way I folded. My outer, I put right sides together.

Sew around the top curve on both pieces.

On the WRONG side of your fabric, place the pattern piece over and mark where your elastic openings should go.

It’s hard to see but I used a blue fabric crayon to mark so I can see when sewing together.

One above my pointer and one above my middle finger.

Iron the top seams flat on both pieces.

Place right sides together. It will be easier if you push one piece inside the other. Start by lining the ironed seams up and pinning.

Pin all the way around

Now we will sew around, leaving 3 holes. 2 holes will be about an inch wide where we marked for our elastics. The other hole will be along the bottom, about 3 inches wide so we can turn our work.

The orange thread was used so you can see where I left the openings

Turn work.

Push the liner inside of the outer (like a hood should look) and iron flat. Work the fabric out of the seams to get a good shape.

In the picture above, I’m showing the openings (where we left holes before turning) for the elastics.

Cut 2 pieces of elastic about 14 inches long.

Fold elastics in half and push down through the hole it will be going in.

Use the opening along the bottom to get elastics in the right place and stitch back and forth along the elastics to secure in place.

Repeat for the other side.

Now sew beside the elastics to create a casing. Also stitch all the way around the top. (You can do this all at once)

To keep elastic from being pulled into the casing, Sew a small seam in between the two pieces.

Sew along the bottom, making sure to get close enough to close the hole from turning.

To create a better fit with the snap pieces, we will make some pleats.  Use your pattern piece to mark where your pleats should go.

To make mine, I just pinched up about a half an inch of fabric,

Laid it down flat

Then pinned and top stitched in place

Repeat for the other side.

Size comparison to original hood

Made with the help of Adriane from https://www.etsy.com/shop/AdrianeWithLove